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Mullon, C. , Fréon, P. , Parada, C. , Van Der Lingen, C. & Huggett, J. . From particles to individuals: modelling the early stages of anchovy (Engraulis capensis/encrasicolus) in the southern Benguela. Fisheries Oceanography 12, 396–406 (2003).
Parada, C. , Van Der Lingen, Cd., Mullon, C. & Penven, P. . Modelling the effect of buoyancy on the transport of anchovy (Engraulis capensis) eggs from spawning to nursery grounds in the southern Benguela: an {IBM} approach. Fisheries Oceanography 12, 170–184 (2003).
Huggett, J. , Fréon, P. , Mullon, C. & Penven, P. . Modelling the transport success of anchovy Engraulis encrasicolus eggs and larvae in the southern Benguela: the effect of spatio-temporal spawning patterns. Marine Ecology Progress Series 250, 247–262 (2003).
Mullon, C. , Cury, P. & Penven, P. . Evolutionary individual-based model for the recruitment of anchovy ( Engraulis capensis ) in the southern Benguela. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 59, 910–922 (2002).