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Vertical velocity with NEMO 3D fields

I'm running icthyop using NEMO 3D velocity fields but it seems that the model recalculates the vertical velocity (W) from the horizontal compinents (U,V), instead of using the NEMO values. I understood that the newest version (v3.3.3) was corrected to use NEMO vertical velocities but it doesn't seem to do it. In fact, the results are the same if I intrduce the pattern of the gridW files in the OPA NEMO configuration screen or if I don't. Is there any way to force the model to use the NEMO W fields instead of the recalculated W?
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Hydrodynamic dataset: 

Hi Javier.

W values can indeed read from the input file rather than being recalculated. However, to do so, you need to manually add the "read_var_w" parameter in your cfg file.

An example of a NEMO cfg file that reads W fields is provided below.


Thank you very much Nicolas!
Now is working perfectly :-)