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Template for 2D NEMO simulation

I'd like to generate a template to carry out 2D simulations using NEMO as current field. I have succesfully run 3D NEMO simulations using the OPA NEMO 3D template that is available on the configuration menu but now I need the particles to remain in the surface. Using positive buoyanvcy is not an option becouse I don't have the salinity fields. Is it possible to generate a template for 2D simulations with NEMO similar to those already existing for MARS or ROMS? I understand that in those cases only surface velocities are needed and the vertical movement is not considered, am I wrong?
Thank you in advance,

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Ichthyop 3.3alpha
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Hi Javier

Are your input files 3D, ie. velocity=u(time, depth, y, x) or 2D, i.e. velocity=u(time, y, x) or u(time, 1, y, x)?

If the former, you can force a 2D behaviour by deactivating the vertical advection. In Transport/Advection, click on Show hidden parameters and sets Vertical Advection to False

If the latter, you will need a new Java class (which I have recently developped and which I can provide for you to test).


Thank you very much Nicolas