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Stochastic component to represent sub-grid scale turbulence

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Lagrangian-based particle tracking models, include a stochastic component
(both in the horizontal and in the vertical) to represent sub-grid scale turbulence not resolved by
the physical model (i.e., Brickman, D., Smith, P.C., 2002). What about

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Ichthyop 3.2
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Yes, in the horizontal, see elements from a previous topic http://www.ichthyop.org/forum/tke-disspation-rate-epsilon-effect-horizon...

Hi Ichthyop users,
Following Peliz et al (2007), stochastic horizontal and vertical velocities are Gaussian random fields or not? are incompressible or compressible?
Thanks a lot for any information.
Best regards

Hi Dalila

Currently, stochatic vertical component is not included. In the horizontal, the random movement is generated by using a Mersenne Twister pseudo random number generator.


Thank you Nicolas for your reply.