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Simulating HYCOM

Hi Ichthyop Community,
I have a question about simulating a HYCOM current model. I know ichthyop doesn't support HYCOM yet, but I read from a paper (http://rspb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/royprsb/284/1868/20171730...) that HYCOM could be simulated by using the Runge–Kutta fourth-order method in Ichthyop.
I'm not a coder, modeller, or oceanographer, so I was wondering:

  1. Is there something I'm missing, or is there a configuration template that has Runge–Kutta that I can modify to be fourth-order?
  2. I've read this thread (http://www.ichthyop.org/forum/generic-regular-grid-model) and it feels like my worse fears are becoming realized that the only way I'd be able to create a configuration template that isn't there is through coding. Can someone validate or reassure me that this is or is not the case?

Also, a side question.
I know there's a way to schedule several releases, but is there a way to schedule different releases from different locations? I know there's a block under Release called 'From Zones', is that exactly what I'm looking for? I'm not sure what an .xml file is or how it should be set up. Is there an example I could work off of?
Sorry for all the questions, but any help would be appreciated.
- Rushan

Ichthyop version: 
Ichthyop 3.3alpha
Operating system: 
Mac OS X

Hi Rushan

Indeed, HyCOM dataset is not available in the current version of Ichthyop (but it will be in the new version that is under development). To use Hycom, what you need to do is to interpolate your HYCOM NetCDF file on a regular grid (which you can do with any software you want, I did it by using Python on the Forum post you highlighted).

Regarding the release zone, I think that it is indeed what you need. To create the release zone file, tick on the "Enabled box" in the "From zones" panel, then click on the "cfg/benguela_zones.xml" box. Then click on "Edit", this will display a panel to edit your zones.