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Schmidt number

Hi Ichthyop users,
I need to have the order of magnitude of the schmidt number used when coopling ROMS and Ichthyop?
Thanks a lot

Ichthyop version: 
Ichthyop 2.1
Hydrodynamic dataset: 

I don't see any reference to such parameter in Ichthyop. Also, I see that you're using a quite old version, so maybe you want to upgrade.
I'll try to answer you with the best of my knowledge, but take my indications with a pinch of salt:
Bear in mind that Ichthyop is conceived as an offline tool: As I understand, it is completely agnostic to the fundamental physics that drives the motion of fluid (it doesn't care about Navier-Stokes, by instance). It only sees a velocity field (already computed by ROMS) and particles, and that's pretty much all.
So, turbulent coefficients, computation of diffusivities and such belong to the realm of ROMS.
Anyway, please wait until someone more knowledgeable than me confirms this. I could be completely wrong.
Ignacio Vidal

Thank you Ignacio,
The Schmidt number is computed by the ROMS model.
Best regards

I could not put it better than Ignacio. Ichthyop is an offline tools that only knows how to interpolate in space and time some velocity fields, but it does not know anything about the physics that led to output such velocity fields.

So if you want an order of magnitude of the Schmidt number, the people to ask are the physical oceanographers who ran the ROMS model.

Cheers, Philippe