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Sauvegarder en indice de grille i et j

J'aimerais savoir svp comment sauvegarder dans les sorties de Ichthyop (dans la grille) en indice de grille i et j par exemple, en plus des longitude et latitude.
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Ichthyop version: 
Ichthyop 3.3alpha
Hydrodynamic dataset: 
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Hi Sidiki

You have to modify the JAVA code for that, because it has been coded to save longitude/latitudes. May I ask why do you want the indices? If it is to track a variable, you can already do that in Ichthyop.


Hi Nicolas,
Thank you for your answer,
Yes, endeed it's to track variables according to their origin.
May I ask you how it works in Ichthyop.
Thanks in avance.
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