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Release stain problem

I can't run the simulation when I change the default settings of Longitude and Latitude. It says that the releasing point isn't in the water (Longitude [East degree]    0.688359                Latitude [North degree]    40.622529) but it is the Alfacs bay. Thank you for the help!

Ichthyop version: 
Ichthyop 3.3alpha
Hydrodynamic dataset: 
Operating system: 
Windows 10

Could you please send me your configuration file, and eventually a sample NetCDF file so that I can eventually try to reproduce the error?



Ok, thank you very much! I send you the configuration file but i can't create a sample NetCDF file, i don't know how...


Is the entire NetCDF file too heavy to send (via Dropbox or whateever else)?

I can't create a NetCDF file, when the initialitzation fail it doesn't create one.
The error is because the point of the release stain is out of domain:
"Point [lon: 0.688359 ; lat: 40.622528] is out of domain."
How can I fix it? Thank you for your patience.

I need the NetCDF file containing the hydrodynamics fields (U, V, etc.)

This is the NetCDF file, it works until I change the point of the release stain

This is the NetCDF output file, I need the NetCDF input file (containing the hydrodynamical files)


Is this the file?


Hi Andreu

Here is an updated configuration file that works wth your arreu.nc file. The issues were:

- The release stain (i.e. the point from where the particles are released) was out of the domain.

- I also slightly modified time settings (because in your file the scrum_time variable has no units, I had to find a way to set it properly).