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I'm a newcomer trying to use the OzROMS dataset (not readily available--I'm sorry). My copy of OzROMS only has 8 variables; it has no "mask on rho points" or "curvilinear coordinate metrics." 

Are these variables necessary? If not, how can I create a custom configuration file that doesn't require these variables? I've tried manually deleting the parameters from the .xml file opened in notepad, but Ichthyop seems to want them anyway.
I've attached a screenshot of a summary of the OzROMS variables (I generated the summary in R). I can't attach the ROMS .nc file because it's 35gb big.
Respectfully, and with kindest thanks and regards,

Ichthyop version: 
Ichthyop 3.2
Hydrodynamic dataset: 
OzROMS (ROMS for Australia)
Operating system: 
Windows 7

Hi Matthew,

In the ROMS plugin all the variables listed in the configuration file are required. Removing them from the configuration file will not help, Ichthyop will still look for them.

Before considering any new development I would suggest that you transfrom the NetCDF file to provide the missing variables and you compute them in R. Check the ROMS example in the Ichthyop input folder and add pm, pn and mask to your NetCDF file.

mask is a 2D float with zeros (land) and ones (water).

pm and pn are respectively 1/dx and 1/dy with dx and dy the zonal and meridional dimension of the cell in metre. You can extract approximate values from the longitude and latitude variables.

Let me know if you would like me to elaborate.

Cheers, Philippe

Thank you!