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New hydrodynamic dataset

  I'm wondering if i can use model solutions that i produced on Delft3D- from Deltares on ichthyop-3.2.
Does anyone have done this ?
If not, what would be the basic steps (roadmap) to achieve it ?

Ichthyop version: 
Ichthyop 3.2
Hydrodynamic dataset: 
Delft 3D
Operating system: 

I guess you would have to implement a completely new class in org.previmer.ichthyop.dataset (say Ddelft3dDataset,java), that extends AbstractDataset
You can check the existing implemented dataset in order to inspire you.
I'm sorry I'm not extremely helpful, but I'm not quite familiar yet with the source code.

Hi Thiago and Ignacio,

Sorry for such late answer, I was on paternity leave.

One approach has been described by Ignacio : coding new plugin, which can be a bit intimidating if you are not properly acquaintened with Java and Ichthyop, not mentionning that developper documentation is nonexisting in Ichthyop (and lacking...).

Other approach : tweak your Deft3D data to look alike a dataset that is already supported by Ichthyop. I had a colleague who did so with HYCOM dataset that was not handled by Ichthyop but was close enough to MARS dataset so that he wrote a python script to convert HYCOM data into MARS-like data.

Ichthyop 3.3 handles so far ROMS, MARS, NEMO, Mercator 2D, Symphonie and Oscar dataset. Could you check which one is most similar to Delft3D output ? Feel free to post the metadata of Delft3D so we can have a look together.

Cheers, Philippe

Hi Philippe,
I'm trying to use Hycom hydrodinamic data on ichthyop, so I would like to know if there is a possibility that your colleague could share the python script you talk about? Moreover, I'm planning to use other hidrodinamic data from MOHID, and it would be helpfull to access to such script converter example. 
Thank you in advance

I was initially planning to go through a fastidious process to make lagrangian simulations from the BALTICSEA_ANALYSIS_FORECAST_PHY_003_006 product from Copernicus marine services (load data, reformat, setup lagrangian simulation on MOHID plateform .... ).
Is there any chance I could set up a specific configuration file in Ichthyop to use BALTICSEA_ANALYSIS_FORECAST_PHY_003_006 for lagrangian simulations ?
dataset is pretty heavy but I'm trying to send you a surface extraction of the BALTICSEA_ANALYSIS_FORECAST_PHY_003_006 nc file.
Thanks for your advice