My particles do not avoid the coast ... why?

Dear all,
I hope to find advice here regarding my simulation.
I study the dispersion of relatively passive particles (for the moment). The simulation works, but when I want to create my map, some particles are moving on the coast/the land and EVEN IF i change the block "coastline behavior". I also saw advice about timestep here (, but it does not change anything (see the gif below with my files).
How to avoid it? What is my error in the settings?
I enclose my configuration file as well as the description (because they are very heavy files), of my netcdf files inputs.

Thank you for your help / advice!

Ichthyop version:

Hydrodynamic dataset: 

Java version:

Operating system:

Hi Celine

I think it might have something to do with badly set coordinates. In your configuration file, you seem to define longitude/latitude at rho points as ni/nj. However, these are the indices (from 0 to N-1), not the coordinates. You should try to set them as "longitude/latitude", as done in the enclosed file.


Thank you very much, it works