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Help with the roms input file

I have the .nc file generated with ROMS but I fail to use it with the Icthyop, don't really know how to do it.
Thanks for your time!

Ichthyop version: 
Ichthyop 3.3alpha
Hydrodynamic dataset: 
Java version: 
Java SE 8
Operating system: 
Windows 10

Ok, thanks!

Hi Andreu,
I would like to know please, how and where you find you ROMs nc files ? 
Best regard,


What is the error message that you've got? Can you also provide a sample input file?



Hello! I changed the ROMS file and now i get this error: S-coordinate critical depth (hc) could not be found, neither among variables nor global attributes.
I adjunt now the new configuration file. Thank you for your time!

Hi Andreu

This error states that the variable Hc is missing from the NetCDF input file. This variable is either set as a global attribute or as a variable. And this variable is missing in your file