Help with the basics + suggestions for northern Benguela system

Hi, I am pretty much completely new to Java and Ichthyop, so please bear with me as the questions I am going to ask may be seemingly simple. I am interested along with my acdemic supervisor to look at drift of cetacean caracasses along the Namibian coastline, and ichythyop has been suggested as a possible tool for this. We are currently trying to run the ROMS2D for the Southern Benuguela system, but seem to be coming across some problems. 
1) I cannot seem to get a simulation to run past 25 days, anything longer gets cut off 
2) When I change to certain coordinates for my release stain e.g. -36,19 degrees as an example, it says the centre of the stain is outside the range although the netCDF should extent between 28-40S and 10-24E. I have read elsewhere on the forum that there is a way of changing this using the XML files but have no idea how I would go about doing thing. 
3) When I release particles in some stains they appear to be cut off in a very defined semi-circle, which I assume is an underlying output from the settings leading to my problem number 2. 
4) When I have tried to input a txt. file for defined coordinates for particle release, I get an error warning as "SEVERE". My text file is simply two coordinates of lat and long, what would need to be done to make this work?
5) Is there a way for all of my particles to remain throughout the entire simulation rather than decreasing through time? I understand that mortality will occur with fish larvae but here I would like to assume that al carcasses of cetaceans reach the end of the simulation, and not just be left with 6 out of 1,000 at the end for example?
I have attached the basic netCDF file that comes with the software for ROMS2D and the output XML file that comes from running the default settings. I apologise for the lenghty questions and I do not know if this is something which I will be able to complete during the limited time I have (2 months alongside other working commitments), but a realistic outlook on what I am trying to acheive from a complete novice would be greatly appreciated. On an additional note, if there is any way of getting hold of a netCDF model for the northern Bengeula system that anyone know of so that I can actually model along the Namibian coast and northern Benguela (between approx 17-28S rather than the southern Benguela, that would be greatly appreciated, though not sure if I would be able to adapt a model to run this system with my extreme novice knowledge. 
Many thanks in advance,

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Hi Lauren.

First of all, could you please send me a NetCDF file containing the ROMS forcings? You sent the Ichthyop outputs

1) Do you have an error message?

2-3) Yes, there should be an issue with that. Your NetCDF file might help me to understand this error.

4) Could you please send me the text file, so that I can check the format? Besides, I assume that you enabled the "Drifters from text file" part?

5) I don't understand your question. As far as I understand, in your case the only reason why a particle should disapear is when it leaves the domain, i.e. mortality=2 in the NetCDF file. In the file you sent, all your particles are alive (mortality=0).