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Create a probability map

Hello! Maybe it's off topic but i created an output of the movement of my particles and I need to create a probability map, for creating it I need to know the number of particles that cross every one of the cells in the grid of my map. I really don't have any clue of how to do it and I don't find any literature that can help me.
Thank you very much for your help and your time!
PD: I can't upload the .nc file but it's a normal one with multiple release events in one single area.

Ichthyop version: 
Ichthyop 3.3alpha
Hydrodynamic dataset: 
Java version: 
Java SE 8

Hi Andreu.

This should be done by using pre/post-processing tools (R, Python, etc.). For instance, you can use the compute_density function of the Ichthyop Python package (https://github.com/barriern/ichthyop_py/)