Sauvegarder en indice de grille i et j

J'aimerais savoir svp comment sauvegarder dans les sorties de Ichthyop (dans la grille) en indice de grille i et j par exemple, en plus des longitude et latitude.
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Hi Sidiki

You have to modify the JAVA code for that, because it has been coded to save longitude/latitudes. May I ask why do you want the indices? If it is to track a variable, you can already do that in Ichthyop.


Hi Nicolas,
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Yes, endeed it's to track variables according to their origin.
May I ask you how it works in Ichthyop.
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In the "Output" configuration panel, you need to tick the box "Show hidden parameters". You should see, in red, a box called "Variable tracking".

In there, you simply add the variables that you want to track (could be temperature or anythong else). Make sure that the names are consistent with the names in the NetCDF file.


Hi Nicolas,
I sincerely thank you for your help.