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Varying wind in both time and space

Dear all

The use of time varying wind drift has often been posted on the forum. Therefore, I synthetize here the way to use time varying winds to take into account the wind drift in the calculation of particle's trajectories.

- Create a new configuration file for your favorite hydrodynamic dataset by using the GUI

- Close the GUI and edit your configuration file (using any text editors, such as Notepad, emacs, vim, etc.)

- Add the content of the enclosed wind_action.xml file into your configuration file (be careful on where you write down: you should respect the XML formatting).

- Close the text editor and run the Ichthyop GUI. When opening your edited configuration file, you should see a new configuration block. You can now edit the configuration directly from the GUI.

Note that this wind-drift module has never been fully tested. So if you encounter any weird behaviours, please let us know.


Ichthyop version: 
Ichthyop 3.3alpha



my hydrodinamic files are daily and my wind files are every 6 hours, does ichthyop have any problems with that, or do they all have to have the same time dimension?




Theoretically, there should not be any problems with that. You just need to properly set the time_origin and time_unit parameters associated with your wind file.