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configuration null | java.lang.NullPointerException

I am trying to configure ichthyop 3.3 with ROMS outputs
I solved the problem with the time variable and grid by changing to last version
The preview worked very well, the configuration too
however, when it finishes I wanted to see the maps and the messaje 

Saving variables...

ichthyop[info] Closed NetCDF output file.

ichthyop[info] ===== Simulation completed =====

ichthyop[info] [Mapping] Opened NetCDF file C:\Users\erika\Desktop\output\roms3d_ichthyop-run2000m4RPlata_ichthyop-run201812061115.nc

ichthyop[severe] null | java.lang.NullPointerException

ichthyop[severe] null | java.lang.NullPointerException


How can I solve this problem?


Thank you


Hydrodynamic dataset: 
Java version: 
Java SE 8
Operating system: 
Windows 8

Hi Erika

Have you checked that the NetCDF file is indeed created? If something went wrong at the end of the run, the NetCDF file might not have been properly created. This could lead to the problem. For instance, if it ends with a ".part", then something went wrong.


Hello Nicolas
Yes the problem is that ichthyop runs the simulation without showing errors
but it does not close the file
the output file is archivo part
(not archivo nc)
it goes directly to mapping, without asking to do this
I do not know what the problem is
can you help me with this?


ichthyop does not send any error messaje
I do not think its a memory problem because I gave 8192 M with the command
Can you help me find a solution?
thank you

Hi Erika

Then it looks like we do not have a solution to that problem yet, which concerns a very limited number of users and does not occur all the time, making it difficult to reproduce and therefore debug. Try inside vs. outside the GUI, and on different computers, as tests. Send us feedback and we'll keep you posted if there is a solution found.

Sorry for this,


Hi Christophe
thank you for your answer
I managed to solve the porblem
giving 10240M to java